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Welcome to The Merry Christmas Blog! Here I will keep you informed of "What's New" this Christmas season.
It could be the most popular gifts, new trends in Holiday decorating, new recipes to try out, or exciting things to do with your loved ones at Christmas time.
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Handmade gifts

I love making and giving handmade gifts. I get a real buzz out of making them. A few Christmas' ago, life was very different for me. We didn't have

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Contribute to Merry Christmas

Would you like to share your knowledge about Christmas? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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Cool Christmas Gifts

A list of cool christmas gifts to make your shopping easier and that everyone will love!

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Coolest Christmas Gifts for Teens

Most popular Christmas gifts for teens. A list of gifts that they've got to have.

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The BEST Christmas Gifts and the Coolest

The Best Christmas gifts you would love to get - and to give!

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Best Selling Christmas Toys Ever

A complete list of the best selling Christmas toys of the past 50 years. Remember these popular

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Great Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

Creative Christmas Gift Basket ideas that are unique and personal

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