Decorating Made Easy with
Battery Operated Lights

Battery Operated Lights eliminate the need for extension cords and outlets - making decorating the outside and inside of your home simple!

Using battery powered lights on your Christmas tree allows you to put your tree anywhere you like. You're not confined to placing the tree near an outlet or digging out the extension cords. It makes life so much easier.

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The battery pack usually uses AA alkaline batteries and lasts for about 200 hours. There is an on/off switch to help conserve battery power.

The bright LED lights come in white or multi-colored and are intended for indoor or dry outdoor use. The LED lights consume little powere so your batteries will last longer.

If you will be using it outdoors, put a plastic sandwich bag around the battery pack and seal it with a twist tie to keep the water out.

Note: If you live in a wet climate area, this type of lighting for outdoor use may not be your best option.

Battery Operated Lights

Placing a wreath on your front door or window couldn't be easier. No extension cords and outlets to worry about. Just hang!

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