The Best Selling Christmas Toys
of the Past 50 Years!

This list of Best Selling Christmas Toys comprised by the Toy Industry Association will bring you down memory lane. I know you will remember fondly, just like me, the toys that once brought joy and wonder to us when we opened them on Christmas morning.

Toys always bring such joy and happiness to children and expand their imaginations. (Not to mention keep them busy - in a productive way.) Children love to receive toys at Christmas (just see what happens when you give them clothes instead of toys at Christmas - tossed away!) And I, as a mother and Aunt, love to give them and watch the expressions on their faces as they open their new toys!

Many of the toys in this Best Selling Christmas Toys list can still be purchased today on or

Best Selling Christmas Toys of the Last 50 Years

1960 BRIO Classic Wooden Railway by BRIO Corporation
1960 Etch-A-Sketch by Ohio Art Company

1960 Game of Life by Milton Bradley

1961 Slip N' Slide by Wham-O

1961 Troll dolls by Thomas Dam Inc.

1962 Chatter Telephone by Fisher-Price

1963 Easy Bake Oven by Kenner, Hasbro Inc.

1964 G.I. Joe by Hasbro, Inc.

1965 Creepy Crawlers by Mattel, Inc.

1965 Operation by Milton Bradley

1965 See 'n' Say by Mattel, Inc.

1966 Twister by Milton Bradley

1967 Battleship by Milton Bradley

1967 Big Wheel ride-on by Marx Toys

1967 Ker Plunk by Ideal Toy Co.

1967 Lite Brite by Hasbro, Inc.

1968 Hot Wheels Racing sets by Mattel, Inc.

1970 Nerf Balls by Parker Brothers

1971 Mastermind by Invicta Plastics Ltd.

1972 Uno Card Game by International Games

1973 Shrinky Dinks by K&B Innovations

1974 Dungeons and Dragons by TSR, Inc.

1974 Playmobil people & playsets by Playmobil

1975 Othello by Gabriel Industries Inc.

1976 Magna Doodle by Mego Toys

1977 Star Wars action figures by Kenner,Hasbro Inc.

1978 Hungry Hungry Hippos by Hasbro, Inc.

1978 Rubik's Cube by Ideal

1978 Simon Electronic Game by Milton Bradley

1979 Cozy Coupe Ride-On by Little Tikes

1979 Strawberry Shortcake by Kenner

1982 Stompers die-cast vehicles by Schaper

1982 Trivial Pursuit by Selchow & Righter

1983 Cabbage Patch Kids by Coleco

1983 Care Bears by Kenner

1983 My Little Pony by Hasbro, Inc.

1984 Transformers by Hasbro, Inc.

1985 Scruples Game by Henry Makow

1985 Teddy Ruxpin by Worlds of Wonder

1986 Pound Puppies by Tonka

1987 Koosh Ball by OddzOn

1987 Pictionary by The Games Gang

1988 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Playmates Toys Inc.

1989 Super Soaker by Larami

1992 Barney the Dinosaur plush by The Lyons Group

1992 K'NEX Building Sets by K'NEX Industries

1993 Magic: The Gathering Collectible card game by Wizards

1993 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers by Bandai

1995 Lamaze Learning products by Learning Curve Int'l

1996 Beanie Babies by Ty

1996 Tickle-Me Elmo by Tyco Preschool

1997 Bass Fishin' Game by Radica Games

1997 Tamagotchi by Bandai

1998 Furby by Tiger Toys

1998 Rescue Heroes by Fisher-Price

1999 Groovy Girls by Manhattan Toys

1999 LeapPad by LeapFrog

2000 Razor scooter by Razor

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Xbox 360
Playstation 3
video games
hand held consoles like Sony PSP,
Nintendo DS
iPods and
cell phones dominate the toy market.

Also popular are:
Bratz dolls
Life-like dolls like Baby Annabelle,
Animatronic toys like Robosapien and Roboraptor,
High-tech remote control toys like Flytech DragonFly,
Early learning computers like Dora the Explora laptop, >br> and various Harry Potter merchandise.

I hope this Best Selling Christmas Toys list will aid you in your Christmas shopping and bring you some fond memories of your childhood too!

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