Christmas Activities That
Make Memories and Grow Your Family Closer Together

Christmas activities with your family and friends are what make your Christmas special and memorable! Spending time doing these activities will make your kids feel closer to you and remember that you were there for them. And isn't that what we Moms truly desire?

So pick the Christmas activities that you all enjoy the most and make those your Christmas traditions. Your family will grow closer and stronger and will make lasting memories of Christmas time spent with YOU.

These are some of my kids and my favorite things to do at Christmas time:

1) One of my kids all time favorite Christmas activities has now become an annual Christmas tradition.

We pick a weekend night close to Christmas, when the tree is all decorated and lit, and we camp out under the Christmas tree!

Well, we place our sleeping bags under the tree, bring along our favorite Christmas stories and Christmas Poems some hot cocoa, and we read and drink till we get sleepy.

Then all lights out - except for the sparkling tree lights. I love to watch their faces as they gaze at the twinkling tree and doze off to sleep!

2) Another one of our great Christmas activities that we look forward to each year is: we join the other tourists in town for Christmas in New York City!

Christmas Activities

Here are my kids, Mike, Nick and John having a "ball" in New York City. Click here to check out the coolest places in New York City for kids!

Everyone and their family should experience Christmas in New York City at least once in their lives! You will never forget it!

I highly recommend visiting New York City. There are Christmas vacation packages to fit every budget. Get some ideas on NYC vacation packages by clicking here. It's one of the greatest Christmas activities to do together!

There is such an air of excitement in NYC at Christmas time and so much to show your family and do with your kids!

Come and see the world famous Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, check out the unique and creative window displays at Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy's (not to mention all the shopping), view the lifesize nativity at St. Patrick's Cathedral, the Broadway shows, the bright lights of Times Square, the fine dining, the grand hotels...and so much more...This is something you have to experience for yourself and with the family. You will not regret it. There are so many wonderful Christmas activities to do for the whole family!

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree A terrific way to explore New York at Christmas in a short amount of time is to take a New York City bus tour!

You can get off at any stop you like, walk around and experience the spectacular season, get a bite to eat, and then get back on the bus to the next stop. So easy! Especially if you have younger kids with you.

3) Or maybe this year you and your family want to get away together from all the busyness that the Holidays bring?

Take a Christmas Cruise? There are plenty of Christmas activities to do while away on a cruise! Click Here for more info. What a fantastic, fun time we had! We were all together - grandparents too - and had an awesome and memorable experience!The time together on vacation drew us closer together, created unforgetable memories, and taught our kids family values that I know they will carry with them into their own families someday.

We went on a Caribbean Christmas cruise so the weather was very warm- yet, it still felt like Christmas to us!

The cruise ship staff made it an especially festive, inviting atmosphere with the Christmas decor, the traditional holiday foods, and their overall jolliness! We would definitely recommend it!

4) Have a Christmas Party Another of our favorite Christmas activities!

It's a great way to celebrate the joyous season with friends and family - young kids and us older folks too.

Click here for some great ideas to make your party a sure fire hit and impress your guests!

Here's a list of even more Christmas Activities to connect with your family to build those strong bonds and memories that will last a lifetime:

5) Make a Christmas Activities Jar

Cut out squares of Christmas wrapping paper about 2 x 2 inches. On the back side (the non-decorated side) write an activity you and your family would like to do at Christmas time. Fold the wrapping paper and put all the pieces in a clear Mason jar.

Schedule some time each week before Christmas to pick an activity from the Activity Jar and go and do it together! You don't have to get to every activity in the jar. They're just ideas to do something together as a family in a fun, interactive way.

Here are some Christmas Activities to include in your Jar:

6) Go Caroling Your neighbors would love it (maybe)- or go visit some elderly or sickly people who can't get out! They would surely appreciate it - and what a lesson to teach your kids!

7) Go for a Magical Walk or Drive Gather the kids together when its dark out and the Christmas lights are on in the neighborhood. Go for walk to admire all the beautiful Christmas decorations. Or ,if it's cold out get everyone in the car and drive through the streets.
If you know of an especially elaborately decorated home, have the kids close their eyes till you get there. Then when you're right in front, tell them to open their eyes! It will be one of those breathtaking "Ahhhh!" moments.

8) Make Homemade Christmas Ornaments or Homemade Christmas Gifts These are terrific Christmas activities to do with your kids that fosters teamwork and connects you to your kids. Isn't that what Christmas Activities are all about?

9) Go "Dollar Store" Shopping If you don't have the time to make your own inexpensive Christmas gifts, go to the nearest dollar store with your kids.
Teach them to give to others by having them shop for extended family members. It's the thought that counts. You can get some decent gifts for grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins for a dollar each.

10) Have a Family Christmas Movie Night Schedule a couple of hours to watch a Christmas movie together with all the snacks included.

Some of my kids favorites include: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Jingle All The Way, Elf, Christmas Vacation, Christmas with the Kranks, It's a Wonderful Life and of course all the Santa, Frosty and Rudolph cartoon classics!

11)Have a Cookie Baking Concert Bake cookies to music! Play a long piece of music like Handle's "Messiah" or Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker" over and over until all the baking is done! It's inspirational and will keep you going.

If you don't bake from scratch, you can still do this Christmas Activity with ready made sugar cookie dough from the supermarket. Remember music only stops when you're all done.

12) Set up the Nativity Set You can purchase an inexpensive toy set for the younger kids so they can handle it without breaking. Leave the crib empty for now (until baby Jesus is born on Christmas Day).
I know someone who keeps a small pile of hay near the nativity. When someone does something kind, she picks up a piece of straw and puts it in the crib. By Christmas morning there is a nice, soft bed for baby Jesus to lie in. Remember to teach your kids the real Christmas story while putting the Nativity together.

13) Make an Advent Candle Wreath For instructions see Easy Christmas Crafts. The greenery and the circular shape of the advent wreath symbolize everlasting life offered to us by Jesus.

The 4 tall candles in the Advent Candle wreath represent the four Sundays before Christmas or the Advent Season. Take turns with your kids each week lighting one candle.

The large center candle symbolizes the Light of the World - Jesus- who came from Heaven as a baby to eventually give his life as a sacrifice for our sins. On Christmas morning, make it a tradition (in addition to opening gifts) to light the center candle - as a reminder that the Light is here at last - baby Jesus!

14) Buy a Goat or a Chicken Yes, you read right. Organizations like World Vision invite you to donate money to buy a farm animal or other practical gift for an impoverished family living in a third world country. Each year my kids and I decide on what we will give by looking at their catalog.

One year we gave money to buy a goat that will help that family have milk, yogurt and cheese to eat or to sell to others. World Vision even sends us back a Thank You card for our donation that we display along with our other Christmas cards. It's a great lesson to teach our kids- to give to others in need and to be grateful for whatever they have.

15) Give Something Nice To a Struggling Family You may know of a family going through some difficult times. Reach out in Christmas spirit and give something you would give to your own family member. A new coat, new toys that the kids always wanted, gift certificate to a new restaurant... Let your blessings flow through you to others.

16) Quiz your family with Christmas Trivia Questions Test their knowledge (and yours!) while you're having dinner, decorating, baking or any other Christmas activity.

17) Make a Christmas Thank You Book Purchase a pretty blank journal. Each Christmas morning record the year and the names of the people there. As each person opens their gift, record what was given to each person and by whom. You can even record their reactions or photograph their reactions and include the photo in the journal. It makes a great keepsake to look back on and remember those precious Christmas mornings when little Johnny exclaims "It's just what I always wanted!"

18) Dinner by Tree Light Pick an evening to have your dinner in front of your lit Christmas tree- picnic style or set up snack tables or a card table. Admire your beautifully decorated tree!

19) The Gift That Will Not Go Away This is a great idea to keep your family connected through the years. Buy a gift that can be for either girls or boys. This gift will be re-gifted to a different family member each year. Wrap it beautifully so no one will suspect its THE gift.

You can use a sweatshirt, tee shirt, silly hat or scarf, a Christmas apron, a decorative box, a novelty gift from a joke shop... No matter how far or near family lives as the years go by or how raggy looking the gift gets after years of use (or non-use), give the "gift that will not go away". It will be fun to see who ends up with the gift each year.

20) Re-use Christmas Cards Take last years Christmas cards and glue them onto this years gift boxes as wrapping. Nice activity to do with the kids and you are recycling too.

21) Read Funny Christmas Sayings

to your family and spread the Christmas Cheer! Or write these humorous quotes and sayings in your Christmas cards.

22) Hang a Stocking for Your Pet Don't forget this family member! Just hang the stockings high so they can't get to it before Christmas morning.

23) Attend the Local Christmas Pageant Many Churches and organizations present Christmas plays and pageants at this time. Make a family night of it with dinner first, then the play. Even go for a Magical Drive afterwards to admire all the decorated homes.

24) Attend Candlelight Christmas Eve Service Make it a tradition to usher in the baby Jesus at a beautiful Candle Light service. Keep the true meaning of Christmas alive and lets celebrate it!

Enjoy bonding and growing closer to your family with these great Christmas Activities! I know it's drawn my family closer!

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