Great Christmas Gift
Basket Ideas

Do you need some creative Christmas gift basket ideas? Keep reading. Christmas gift baskets make terrific gifts because they are so personal and are tailored to the likes, interests, hobbies and personality of the person you're giving to. What a thoughtful, caring way to say Merry Christmas!

They can be as inexpensive or expensive as you want. Depending on what you put in the baskets. They are very easy to put together. Just purchase several related or themed items based on the recipients interests and likes and put in a lovely container. You can wrap the whole basket with clear cellophane and tie with a pretty fabric ribbon. Gorgeous!

Here's a Christmas Gift Basket ideas TIP: Add some shredded newspaper or tissue paper at the bottom of the container to prop up the items so they are more visible in the basket. You may have to tape some items together so they don't shift when carrying the basket. Get creative with the container too.

Or if you prefer, you can easily purchase a ready made gift basket. These will cost you more money, but will save you time and are so beautiful.

Here's some great Christmas gift basket ideas to get you started:

Breakfast In Bed - for the busy mom or dad.

Use a breakfast tray as your container. Include: pancake and waffle mix, jar of maple syrup, coffee mugs, jars of jam, flavored coffee, herbal tea bags, flavored creamer, silver teaspoons, favorite cookies, and a bud vase.

Flavors of Italy - who doesn't love all things Italian?

Use a beautiful straw basket. Include any of the following: a bottle of red Italian wine (maybe a Cabernet), a bottle of white Italian wine (try a Pinot Grigio), wine topper, garlic crackers, wedge of parmesan or asiago cheese, cheese slicer, cheese board, jar of olives, roasted peppers, caponata (eggplant appetizer), wooden spoon, penne rigati pasta, jar of premium pasta sauce, Italian cookbook, oil and vinegar decanters, arborio rice (for Risotto), biscotti cookies, amaretto cookies, bag of Expresso coffee, demitasse cup and saucer.

Sports Fan

Use a football helmet or a cooler as a container. Include any of these: favorite sport magazine subscription, caps and tee shirts of favorite teams, official team jersey, water bottle, sports drinks, snacks, personal battery operated fan, tickets to an upcoming game, new football or baseball bat, or basketball, any sport equipment, sport figure bobble heads (cute), posters, autographed memorabilia, trip to Cooperstown - Baseball Hall of Fame, or Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio..., sports novels, hand warmers, framed photos of sports heros or them playing their favorite sport.

Here's some more Christmas gift basket idea TIPS for containers: stack various sized sturdy gift boxes in pyramid shape (largest on the bottom, smallest on top), baskets in various seasonal shapes (like a sleigh, star or tree), a decorative hat box (take the lid off and attach to the bottom), pretty tin basins, beautiful serving trays, laundry basket, decorative photo box, planters (terra cotta or resin), mixing bowl, small wine racks, bakeware, tote bags, burlap bags for a rustic look, large cookie jars.

Workout/Health Enthusiast

Include any of the following: Workout DVD's, workout attire, running shoes, ipod, personal blender, smoothie recipe book, hand held weights, membership to a gym, lessons with personal trainer (write out this gift on a card and put in basket), protein supplements, vitamins, power bars, nuts, yogurt bites, juicer.

Spa/Retreat Basket we all need a break sometime!

Line a pretty basket or tin container with rolled up white towels. On top of the towels, include any of these: bath and massage scented oils, bath salts, shower gel, manicure/pedicure kit (or gift certificate to favorite nail salon), fragrant foot soak, fragrant body lotion, neck pillow for bath tub, natural sea sponge, votive candles, a good hardcover book, soft terry cloth robe, soft cozy slippers, ipod, gift certificate to spa for massage or day of beauty.

Movie/Date Night - one of my favorite Christmas gift basket ideas! Now there's no excuse to not go out on a date with your spouse!

Use a popcorn bucket as a container. (Can get them at video stores.) Include: tickets to a movie, new DVD, boxes of candy, pretzels, popcorn, gift certificate to a new or a favorite restaurant.

Another Christmas Gift Basket Idea TIP: Use decorative items to make your basket look Christmasy. Add pine cones, evergreen boughs, holly, poinsettia flowers, red or green ribbons and bows, pearl garland, or Christmas tree decorations.

Wine and Cheese Lovers - You can get this for Sam and me anytime! We love it.

You can use a portable wine rack and fill it with assorted reds and whites for a great Christmas gift basket idea.

Or use a wooden crate as a container. Use lots of straw or shredded paper at the bottom so the bottles don't break.

For a smaller gift basket container, use a cheese board. Attractively place the items on the cheese board and wrap with cellophane.

Whichever container you use, include any of the following that pair perfectly with a favorite wine: various wedges of gourmet cheeses (visit a speciality cheese shop like Murray's in NYC), assorted crackers, cheese slicer, cheese board, wine glasses, coasters, wine topper, corkscrew, dried sausage or other cured meat like salami or prosciutto, fresh pears and apples, loaf of crusty Italian or French bread, jar of olives, dried figs or dates.

Another Christmas gift basket idea TIP: Include at least one unique item to portray the magic of the Christmas season - like a sparkly ornament, a Christmas CD, a stuffed reindeer or Santa. You get the idea.

The Gourmet - not for anytime - these Christmas gift basket ideas are for that special evening spent with the love of your life - sampling delectable treasures.

In a beautiful wicker basket include any of the following: Ghiradelli dark chocolates, Lindt milk chocolate and rasberry truffles, Godiva milk and dark chocolates, smoked salmon, caviar, pate, garlic herb cheese spread, parmesan crackers, assorted dried fruits, roasted almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, walnuts, chocolate covered pretzels, or chocolate covered fresh fruit (like strawberries, apples, pineapple, cherries, bananas), almond biscotti, shortbread cookies, favorite wine or champagne, kettle popcorn, licorice, sun dried tomato tapenade, marinated olives, dried proscuitto or other cured meat like Barolo salami, capers, roasted garlic crackers, multi-grain crackers, a selection of your favorite gourmet cheeses.

The Green Thumb - for those who love to garden -like my husband, Sam.

Use a large terra cotta planter or a watering can as a container. Include: gardening tools, packets of flower and vegetable seeds, Miracle Grow fertilzer, gardening gloves, rubber garden mat for your knees, book on gardening, wind chimes, sun dial, garden stepping stone, outdoor garden statues like frogs or gnomes, solar powered outdoor accent lights to show off the garden.

Baker's Basket

Use a pretty basket, or a large seasonal cookie jar, or a large mixing bowl as a container. Include any of the following: special or traditional recipes printed on pretty stationary, seasonal dish towels, gingerbread or sugar cookie mix, mixing spoons, measuring cups for liquid and dry ingredients, measuring spoons, spatula, baking supplies such as vanilla or almond extract, seasonal cookie cutters, colored icing, colored crystalized sugars, chocolate chips, box of confectioners sugar, apron.

Coffee or Tea Lover

Use a small basket or metal tin as a container and include the following: coffee or tea mugs, coffee grinder, flavored coffee beans, French Roast coffee (to get them up in the morning), a French press for brewing coffee, assortment of herbal teas, favorite cookies or biscotti, flavored creamers.

Soups On

If you like you can use a large pot as a container. Stuff some pretty dish towels in the bottom to make the Christmas gift "basket" look more full. Include these: an assortment of dried soup mixes, ceramic soup bowls, oyster crackers or other favorite crackers, peppercorn and sea salt grinders, wooden spoon for stirring.

Get creative. See what kinds of Christmas gift basket ideas you can come up with for your family and friends.

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