Coolest Christmas Gifts for Teens

Choosing Christmas gifts for teens requires some ingenuity. You need to know what's the "in" gadget that is just coming out and what your teen's interest or hobbies are and cater to those.

I'm hoping this list of gifts for teens will help. I've done some of my own research and asked my teenagers what the most popular gifts are that they would like to receive. And the result is this list.

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Christmas Gifts for Teens


1) MP3 Players and Accessories

The best one is Apple's iPod Touch - the 32 GB is about $275.

It's so much more than a music player. It stores 8000 songs, 40,000 photos and 40 hrs of video. It has 2 built in cameras for video and still photos with built inediting capabilities.

Also has a large 3.5 inch touch screen display with the highest screen resolution ever (for now that is). You can download your iTune library from your computer onto the Ipod Touch and purchase new music fromiTunes store app.

You can download a free e-reader and send and receive emails. You can browse the web and play gameswith friends online with the Game Center app (free).
Don't even hestitate - this is the best Christmasgift for teens.

Of course, there are other less expensive MP3 players that are very good. Check out the less expensiveClassic Ipod or the Ipod Shuffle. Both are great music players by Apple.

2) Accessories
Car Kit for iPod-iPhone3G (6-in-1B)- allows you to play your Ipod through your car stereo and includes a car charger so you can charge the ipod as you go!

Personalized "Skins" or Protective Covers for their Ipods, cell phones, or even laptops.
(Unfortunately, these devices do get dropped which can crack or shatter the glass screen - just ask myson Nick - so a protective cover is a good idea.)

You can even take a favorite photo and turn it into a skin for their device. They look great - I even have one and my friend Anne has a skin that is a picture of her terrier! How cute is that!

3) E-Readers - for the teen that loves to read (there are some out there - I was one.) I recommend getting theKindle from Amazon


Barnes and Noble NOOK eBook Reader (WiFi only) [ Black & White ]

They are so easy to use and have built in Wi Fithat allows you to search for and download thousands of books and magazines and newspapers.
This will definitely get themreading a lot more since it's so simple to use, select, and purchase e-books.
My son John has the Nook and takes it wherever he goes - I couldn't be happier!
4) Notebook/Laptop Computers

The Top of the Line laptop is the Apple MacBook Pro with 13.3 inch screen for about $1100. I would suggest purchasing the 3 year warranty for about $159. I recently purchased this laptop and its great! Its fast, easy to use, sleek design and rarely crashes and never gets a virus. Does not need anti-virus software!

It features Intel Core i5 processor, 320 GB hard drive, flash memory storage, Multi-Touch tracking pad (lets you manipulate imageson the screen with touch of your fingers), full size keyboard, long lasting battery, built in cameras for videochatting, built in speakers, Wi Fi, blue tooth and 2 USB ports.

There's too much to mention without getting technical. This is the premier laptop for Christmas gifts for teens.

Another less costly, but very good notebook computer is the Dell Inspiron 1545 15.6-Inch Laptop I1545-3232OBK (Obsidian Black), 2.3GHz Intel CPU; 2GB Memory; 250GB HD; DVD/CD±R/RW; Windows 7 Home Premium

for under $500.

Our teens have the Dell laptops and they are very satisfied with them. (Sooner or later they willneed a laptop - for school and home - so why not get it and make it one of your special Christmas gifts for teens?)

christmas gifts for teens 5) Pads or Tablets: The hottest Christmas gifts for teens have to be the Apple iPad 2 MC769LL/A Tablet (16GB, Wifi, Black) NEWEST MODEL

Note: There are different versions and sizes available with prices to reflect that.

These Ipads have ultra fast Wi Fi and wireless networking, web browsing, video chatting with front facing camerasand microphones, onscreen keyboards, video and music players and of course you can download so many different apps.

The main advantage the Apple IPad has right now is the availability of apps. They have 70,000 IPad specific apps.

6) Digital Cameras - for the creative teen or any teen who loves to take photos. Good quality digital cameras makegreat Christmas gifts for teens! The prices have come down substantially, so you can get a good buy.

Digital Cameras christmas gifts for teens

Gifts of Entertainment-

always great Christmas gifts for Teens!

7) Gift Cards - this was actually high on our teens Christmas gift list! Here are some examples of what types of cardsteens want:

Restaurant or Fast Food gift cards - like Applebee's, Subway Shops, Chili's...whatever their favorites are.

Gas cards - with the price of gas these days it gets expensive for our teens to keep gas in their cars. This will be much appreciated.

iTunes gift card - so they can purchase and download music to their iPods, laptops, or tablets. Music is everything to a teen!

Entertainment gift cards - so they can go out and have fun - Theatre gift cards, GameStop (for video games), Bowling gift cards...

8) Tickets to Sporting Events or Concerts - why not get your hockey playing teen tickets to a hockey game for the both ofyou?

or whichever sport they are interested in...

or is there a concert coming up that they want to go to?

or are they interested in seeing a play or musical?

In my opinion, these are the greatest Christmas gifts for teens becausethey're so much fun and a great excuse to spend time with your teens!

You can check out what events are happening veryeasily on ...

9) Video Games - these Christmas gifts for teens are always a sure fire hit. Look out for video games that are coming out and get them early or reserve them. Newly released items that are popular sell out fast.

Check out the our recommended games below and read my teenager John's comments on the games for special insight.

10) Legos Architecture Series - If they loved to play with Legos as a youngster, thenget Legos Architecture Series for older kids.

The series includes models of The White House, Seattle Space Needle, London's Tower Bridge, the Empire State Building and more. The finished models look terrific proudly displayed in their rooms too.

Lego Architecture Series

Personal Items:

10) Perfume or Cologne - it's something they wear everyday but don't want to spend their own money on. Here are the mostpopular fragrances:


Cool Water by Davidoff (My son Mike's fave)
Chrome by Azzaro (My son Nick's favorite)
Eternity by Calvin Klein
Ed Hardy - Hearts and Daggers
Polo - Ralph Lauren
Burberry Sport or Burberry Touch
Dolce and Gabbana
Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani


Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker
Juicy Couture
Jessica McClintock
Beautiful by Estee Lauder
I Love You by Moschino
Romance by Ralph Lauren
Casual by Paul Sebastian


christmas gifts for teens

11) Sports Jerseys - These Christmas gifts for teens are on every sports minded young (and older) man's gift list.

Authentic or Replica Team Jerseys show support and comraderie for their favorite teams and players. They proudly wear them! I know - my sons havedrawers full of them.

You can even get customized jerseys with your teen's name on the back of his favorite team's jersey! How cool is that?

12) Car Accessories - These make great Christmas gifts for teens since most are new drivers. And new drivers love to personalize their cars with seat and steering wheel covers, or new mats.

Maybe they need a Navigation system?

How about a Car Kit for iPod-iPhone3G (6-in-1B) so they can play their Ipod through the car's stereo speakers.

13) Jewelry - girls in particular look forward to getting new jewelry for Christmas.

How about a diamond pendant or earrings, a birthstone ring, or a gold bracelet. Even boys would like a simple gold chain or a stylish watch to wear.

christmas gifts for teens

christmas gifts for teens

14) Clothing - find out what their favorite designer stores are first. I stick to tops, hoodies and sweatshirts because pants and jeans have varying cuts that may not fit well and will have to be returned. What a hassel. Stick to tops.

Or you can always get them a gift card to their favorite stores and let them choose and try on what they would like.

Want to get something more extraordinary and different? Check out Creative Christmas Gift ideas.

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