Best Christmas Lawn Ornaments

Beautiful Christmas lawn ornaments illuminated in front of your home will capture the thrill of Christmas!

Decorating for Christmas is an important way we celebrate the birth of our Christ. We get busy readying the inside of our home, but decorating the outside with garlands, lights and displays can't be forgotten either. I know my kids would not let me forget that!

Christmas lawn ornaments The most meaningful display for our family is the Nativity. It's the meaning of what we are celebrating on display - the birth of baby Jesus, lying in a lowly manger.

The manger scene as an outdoor holiday display is always appropriate and beautiful in my opinion. Without that original event - there wouldn't be anything to celebrate.

Christmas lawn ornaments

Click on Origin of Christmas and Christmas with Jesus for how to get the TRUE Christmas spirit.

Decorating with Christmas lawn ornaments is like spreading Christmas cheer to your neighborhood. Those who wouldn't necessarily enter your home, can still experience Christmas cheer each time they pass your house.

Tip: Your Christmas lawn ornaments should match the style of your home too. Take a look at the following examples.

If you have a traditional looking home, like a colonial or cape style, then decorate with ornaments and displays that are classic and not necessarily the latest fad.

Tip: To get that classic, traditional look, display illuminated deer (maybe one sitting and one standing) and attach a red bow to each deer.
Christmas lawn ornaments Or

use non-lilluminated wooden deer and highlight them with spotlights.

Hang evergreen wreaths with matching red bows from the front door and each front facing window. Wrap lighted evergreen rope garland around door frames and columns. Intertwine red ribbon into the garland for a pop of color visible during the day.

Display a single battery operated candle in each window also.

This will give your home a serene, peaceful, yet festive effect. Simple and elegant!

Christmas lawn ornaments

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If you have a more contemporary style home, maybe a ranch or split level, you may want to get more creative.

Use a single color (like all red or all green), or mutli-colored lights on greenery, hang icicle lights from the gutters to frame your home. Use any type of Christmas decoration or display you can find - Santas, reindeer, characters, sleds, snowmen, lighted gift boxes, giant size ornaments hung from tree branches - whatever you care to display. You can find a huge assortment.

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