Coolest Christmas
Party Activities

Keep your guests entertained - whether they're young or old - with great Christmas party activities! It's the perfect time for celebrating Jesus' birth - so make it fun and memorable!

First you need - Invites:

Print your Christmas party invitations on beautiful Christmas stationary or use blank Christmas cards and include your own party invitation wording (maybe you have some cards left over from last year).

Craft Christmas Party activities for kids:

TIP: Here's something to get the kids in the party mood - hand out reindeer headbands or Santa hats to wear (purchase at your local dollar store.)

Make Gingerbread House Ornaments

Purchase small undecorated wooden birdhouses (at local craft store). A few nights before the party, paint them brown to look like gingerbread. Remember to line the tables you will be working on with a plastic disposable table cloth. Have kids use paints to decorate the houses any way they like. Use white puff paint for the roof of house to look like snow. Place colorful beads in the white puff paint to look like candy. Also, help kids us a hot glue gun and glue colored beads all over the house. Lastly, hot glue a loop of string to roof and you have a gingerbread house ornament.

Personalize Felt Stockings

Purchase (or sew a few felt stockings ahead of time) felt stockings and fabric paints to your liking. Have kids paint their stockings any way they want using the fabric paints. Use Elmers white glue to write their names on the rim of the stocking. Pour a good amount of glitter on the glue and shake off whatever didn't stick to the glue. Save this excess glitter for other stockings. Let dry.

Put together Jingle Bell Necklaces

String red and green beads and a jingle bell onto a thin satin red or green ribbon. Tie ends together. Ready to jingle all the way!

TIP: A good website to purchase easy and inexpensive crafts for kids to make at your Christmas party is

Other fun Christmas party activities are to make something to EAT! Try these easy snacks!

Snowman Soup

You can put all the ingredients together in a Christmas theme mug, wrap in cellophane and tie with a pretty ribbon for the kids to take home. Or you can make it at the party and enjoy it there!


1 packet of hot chocolate mix
10 mini-marshmallows
4 Hersheys kisses
1 candy cane

Happy Birthday Jesus Cupcakes

You can bake cupcakes or buy them. Frost them using green (for grass) or brown (Chocolate) frosting. Purchase small favor "babies" from the dollar store or craft store. Cut a small piece of brown or beige felt to cover the baby as a blanket. Hot glue it to the baby. Crumble some mini-wheat cereal to be the hay for the manger. Put some on the frosted cupcake. Place the "baby Jesus" on top of the hay. A great reminder of our Savior's humble beginnings for the little ones. Make sure the kids don't try to eat the "baby Jesus".

Make Snowmen Cupcakes

Bake cupcakes and frost with white icing or purchase them. Sprinkle white shredded coconut on top to look like snow. Stack three marshmallows with some icing in between to make them stick. Use pretzel sticks for arms, gumdrop for hat, fruit roll ups cut into thin strips (or string licorice) for scarfs and mini candy coated chips (or mini M & Ms) for buttons, nose and mouth. Put snowmen on the "snow" covered cupcakes!

Ice Cream Cone Trees

Use upside down ice cream cones (pointed kind). Add green food coloring to white frosting. Apply the green frosting to the cone/tree. Decorate the tree with small candies, M & M's, mini gum drops, string licorice for garland. Tastiest tree around!

Here's some ideas for more Christmas Party Activities for kids:

Trim the Tree party

Have kids make a section of homemade garland for the tree. Give out 4 ft pieces of either ribbon, twine or string. Set out bowls of different size and shape macaroni (they have to be tubular to go through the ribbon). Examples - penne, rigatoni, ditalini, elbows.

Have kids string the various shapes in a pattern or randomly - whichever they like. The macaroni can also be decorated with sparkles or paint prior to stringing. Just allow sufficient time to dry before stringing. Each child can place their section of garland on the tree.

Make a Popcorn and Cranberry Garland

Using extra large needles (not pointy) and string, sew together several pieces of jumbo popcorn then add a couple of fresh cranberries to the string. Make an interesting pattern or string randomly. After Christmas, you can put it outside for the birds to eat and enjoy.

Chain Garland

Cut strips of green and red construction paper (or use strips of assorted 1 inch ribbon). Glue the ends together to form a loop. Slip the next strip through the loop and glue closed. Continue this process until you have a nice long chain garland for the tree. Kids can put on the tree or take home with them.

Snowball Fight

Cut out a large 4 ft. green felt tree (or get creative and cut out a Grinch shape). Hang this on the door with string. Attach velcro strips all over white ping pong balls. These are your snow balls. Have kids take turns throwing snowballs on the tree or at the Grinch. Have prizes for most snowballs reaching the target or snowball hitting the top of tree or nose of the Grinch.

Christmas party activities Pass the Present

Here are a couple of versions of this fun Christmas party activity. It's similar to "hot potato" game where the last person with the present gets the gift.

This is my favorite version - kids get very excited and can't wait to keep playing!

Wrap a small gift like a candy cane or a small piece of chocolate in a small box and wrap it. Take this gift and place it in a bigger box and wrap that. Keep putting the gift in a bigger and bigger box and wrapping it.

Now time for the game. Play Christmas music and when the music stops the child holding the present unwraps it. Only to find another wrapped present inside. So the music comes on again and the game goes on and on until a child finally unwraps the last gift and gets to keep it. They loved this one!

Another good version

Use a beautifully wrapped small gift. Read a favorite Christmas story to the kids. Be sure to keep it animated to grab their attention. Each time the word "and" is heard, the child holding the present passes it to the left. At the end of the story, the child holding the present gets to open it and keep it.

Have a Gift Exchange

You can have a gift exchange and play the same game above. Have everyone bring a wrapped unisex gift (give them a dollar limit). Have the kids pass their presents to the left when a certain word is read from a Christmas story or when the music stops. After passing a few times, allow the kids to open the gifts they are holding. If its their gift they brought, they may pass one more time to the left.

I love to watch their faces when they do these Christmas party activities!

christmas party activities Santa is Coming!

One of the kids all time favorite Christmas party activities is to welcome Santa to the party!

Have someone you know, hopefully someone who resembles St. Nick, dress the part.
Have Santa bring goodies to hand out and have him read a Christmas story to the kids. The kids can put their goodies in Santa hats that you supply them with (check the Dollar Store).

Grown Ups enjoy Christmas Party Activities too! Try these:

Gift Wrap Relay

Give each person (or each couple) an oddly shaped gift to wrap (like a doll or a frying pan, or a ball). Whoever wraps completely and the fastest wins a prize.
Or for a fun twist - have couples wrap each other - from the neck down. You get lots of laughs with these Christmas party activities!

Christmas Mad-Libs

Remember Mad-Libs? You can make up your own Christmas themed story - make it humorous and interesting, but leave blanks for verbs, adjectives and nouns for your guests to fill in. Read the story aloud for some big laughs!

Goofy Gift Exchange

Have each guest bring a wrapped funny gift like a light up tie, really silly underwear, roll of toilet paper or a mirror that screams when you look into it.
Anything silly or goofy. One year we got fake dog poop! What do you do with that? except laugh and regift it next year!

Place numbered sticky notes on each gift. Place corresponding numbers written on slips of paper into a Santa hat. Have each guest take turns pulling a number out of the hat. They receive the gift that goes with the number they chose. Open one at a time for maximum laughs!

Christmas Cookie Exchange

Cookie Exchanges are great Christmas party activities! What a great way to get some new cookie recipes and sample them too! Invite guests to bring 3 dozen of their favorite homemade cookies, but NOT chocolate chip. (This will ensure a greater variety.) Also have them bring several printed copies of the recipe to share with the other guests.

Purchase festive holiday tins at the dollar or craft store - one for each guest. The tins are inexpensive, but you can also use decorated shoe boxes or pretty plastic trays covered with cellophane.

Arrange the cookies on a large table with the printed recipe in front of them. Instruct the guests to take 3 of each type of cookie along with the recipe and put into their cookie tin or container. Your guests get to take these home with them.
Serve coffee or tea and whatever cookies are left!

christmas party activities


One of our favorite Christmas party activities is to get together with friends and family to sing Christmas carols in front of the tree.

If someone plays an instrument, have them bring it and play some carols. Print Christmas Carol lyrics

and hand out so everyone can sing along. Be sure to serve some hot apple cider or egg nog to enhance the Holiday spirit.

Enjoy all your Christmas Party Activities!

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