Great Christmas Tree
Decorating Ideas

Everyone can use some new Christmas tree decorating ideas that your whole family can do together. And your tree will look terrific!

So go and decorate your Christmas tree, whether real or artificial, and make it a wonderful family tradition at Christmas time.

1) Here's one Christmas Tree decorating idea if you have young children that want to help: Take a beautiful red ribbon and divide the tree into sections so everyone gets their own place to work.

Creating these boundaries eliminates the bickering amongst the kids - "I wanted to put my ornament there!" and "That's my spot!" and ultimately "I quit!"

2) My favorite Christmas Tree decorating idea is to make your tree a Memory Tree. For ornaments, use objects that symbolize a special event or time spent with family or significant people in your life.

My family buys an ornament from each vacation spot we've been to. We have a minature baseball bat form Cooperstown, NY (Baseball Hall of Fame), an Alaskan Eskimo from our Alaskan cruise, a mini bucket of sand with a red crab peeking out from our Ocean City, MD beach vacation, a glassblown heart from my honeymoon cruise, a glittery conch shell from Hawaii, a small sailboat from the Carribean, minature skis from Upstate NY...
You can always seems to locate a store that sells Christmas ornaments - no matter where you are, or what time of year it is!

Each year, as we put these special ornaments on the tree, we reminisce of the good times we spent together making those memories.

A similar Christmas tree decorating idea is to give ornaments to celebrate milestones in your loved ones lives. You will relive those wonderful milestones each time you put them on your Christmas Tree.

If your son just got his drivers license that year, give him a matchbox car as an ornament to commemorate the achievement.

Did your daughter have her first ballet recital this year? Give her a ballerina ornament to put on your tree. It will be a pleasant reminder every time you look at it.

3) Rustic Christmas Tree decorating ideas:

For a casual, rustic or country look use a metal tub, a wooden box, or a very large wicker/straw basket as a tree stand.


use burlap fabric as a tree skirt for a country flair.

Garland ideas:

- String together crabapples and cranberries and hang going around the tree.

- Or if you want to be really creative, make a garland of colorful knit mittens hung with clothes pins to rope or twine and wrap around the tree or hang across the fireplace mantel.

- Tie red cow bells along a rope every 15 inches and wrap around tree. Very pretty and countryish!

- String dried macaroni shapes like penne and rigatoni along some twine. If you like you can decorate the dried pasta first with glitter and glue. Great kids activity!

- The ever classic popcorn and cranberry garland. Using needle and thread, string several pieces of plain popped corn together then string 1 -3 cranberries. Continue in the pattern you set.
Christmas tree decorating ideas

Hang a combination of homemade and store bought ornaments to get a great classy yet casual charm for your tree.

Ornament ideas: Dried orange slices make beautiful and simple homemade ornaments.

Here's how: Slice thin slices of oranges - about 1/4 inch thick. Press down with a paper towel to squeeze out all the juice. Put on a cookie sheet and place in oven at 250 degrees F with oven door OPEN for approximately 5 - 6 hours until dry. When dried and cooled, thread a string through top to make a loop to hang ornament with.

- To make a rustic candy cane ornament, wrap it at an angle with stained muslim.

- Hang pine cones dusted with glitter or sugar crystals
- Tie artificial red berries to branches using twine or red yarn
- Tie red gingham fabric strips to bells and hang from tree
- Tie large red artificial amarylis flowers to branches (large silk flowers make easy, yet beautiful ornaments)
- Make bows out of raffia ribbon and tie to branches
- Place mini birds nests and small decoupage birds found in local craft shops, throughout the tree for a natural, woodsy look.
- Tie a cluster of cinammon sticks together with some raffia. Add a small twig of red berries if you wish.

4) Color Themed Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas:

Some of the most elegant Christmas trees I have seen are mono-chromatic (one color).

For a truly elegant and modern looking tree, use all white ornaments and trim. Add lots of sparkle with white lights and glass ornaments that reflect the light and you will have a glowing spectacular tree.

Use a garland made of silver coins or white irrediscent buttons (found at

Ornaments made of mercury glass are very popular this year. They add instant glamour!

OR - Pick a favorite color for all your ornaments and trim. Try traditional red on an evergreen tree or all metal tones like bronzes, coppers, gold and silver ornaments.

Christmas tree decorating ideas

If you want something non-traditional and contemporary, you can purchase an all white tree (artificial of course) and add trim in your favorite color like purple or pink or shades of blue. Looks spectacular!

For a very modern theme - Use a white tree with red ornaments and black satin wired ribbon wrapped around the tree. Use black felt for a tree skirt or use a black shawl you have in your closet. Simply stunning!

TIP:Did I mention Christmas lights? What tree doesn't have lights! To make the decorating easier, use battery operated lights. So simple. Now you can put your tree anywhere.

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