Cool Christmas Gifts
Everyone Will Love

What Cool Christmas gifts are you getting for your family and friends this year?

Give them something they will truly appreciate and enjoy, not just another gift that will get tossed and forgotten. You will be the star - the "Cool" one that knows whats "in" and a "must have".

Make your Christmas shopping easier. Take a look at my
List of Cool Christmas Gifts. These are the most popular and coolest gifts out there.

1) e-Reader: Good ones are Kindle, Nook or Nook Color

These are wireless reading devices with built in WiFi so you can browse the Web and purchase e-books to read on them.

E-books cost much less than hard cover books, so in the long run you will be saving money - and reading more! The Nook even has a "Lend Me" application that allows you to lend and borrow books from other Nook users.

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Also check out the Barnes & Noble NOOK Color eBook Tablet The Nook Color lets you view magazines, newspapers and children's books in full color. An excellent feature!

Cool Christmas Gifts 2) Apple iPod touch 32 GB (4th Generation) NEWEST MODEL Has a 4"x 2.5" screen that plays videos, movies, photos, music. Has 2 cameras - one for photos, and one for video. You can browse the web, download apps and games and even books. (Price about $275)

3) Ipad: It's a tablet computer with a 9.7" diagnol display screen. You can browse the web, watch movies, photos, read e-books, and download lots of various apps. Many different manufacturers are coming out with their own versions, so take a careful look at the many different features of each. (Price $500)

Best Christmas Gifts

4) Xbox 360 250GB Console with Kinect or PlayStation 3 320GB System/PlayStation Move Bundle or Wii

These game consoles with sensors will get everyone off the couch and into the game! The sensors attach to your game box and interpret your body movements so you do not need an actual controller in your hands.

If you see a ball on the screen, you kick it. Playing tennis, swing your arm. Do workouts along with the game. You are a part of the game. My kids are begging me for this!!

5) 3-D HDTV: My family loves our new Samsung big screen Plasma TV! Watch 3D TV at home during family movie night. It's amazing to see and a great way to get your family together!

Most brands include at least 2 Active Shutter glasses for the viewer to create the 3D effect. You may purchase additional 3D glasses. About $100 each.

6) Digital Camera: If you don't have one yet, now is the time to get them. The prices have come down and more features have been added. Look for high megapixel (at least 8 MP) and wide optical zoom (4X is good). We are very happy with our Canon Powershot SD 12 MP 4X zoom. Easy to use and takes great photos.
digital cameras

7) TiVo TCD652160 HD Digital Video Recorder It controls cable TV with record, pause, rewind and fast forward in HD. You can record all your shows in HD while watching another . Great gift for the person who loves to watch TV and maybe is not home often enough to do it. (Price around $250)

Now for the non-electronic cool Christmas gifts:

8) Recordable Storybooks for kids (Hallmark): You can record your own voice reading the story. Your child will be able to playback you reading the story to them at anytime. What a great idea!

Cool Christmas Gift 9) For the very beginner cook: The Illustrated Step-by-Step Cook (DK Illustrated Cook Books) It has numbered photos that you follow to create 300 different dishes. You can cook with confidence and learn a few things too. A great gift for the novice chef. (Price $35)

Cool Christmas Gifts 10) This is such a cool Christmas gift: A Laptop or Ipad sleeve made from your favorite Tee shirt. will take your (or someone else's) favorite tee and sew it into a fleece lined laptop sleeve. What a great use for that old tee shirt you love but is too ratty to wear - let your computer wear it. A bonus is that this company donates part of their proceeds to support the victims of sex trafficing in NYC. A worthy cause. (Price $49)

Cool Christmas Gifts 11) For those of us who can remember back when...A really cool Christmas gift would be classic TV shows on DVDs! Remember the wholesome comedies that made us laugh?!

Check out the images below and introduce these favorites to your family!

Christmas is a wonderful time to express your love to someone special. Need some more gift ideas?

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