Fun and Easy
Christmas Crafts to Make

You don't need to be a creative genius to make beautiful, easy Christmas crafts. But they sure can be fun to make.

Make homemade Christmas ornaments ! Click here to see how easy. These homemade ornaments will adorn your tree year after year.

We just love to admire our tree and reminisce about who crafted the ornaments and how old they were when they made them.

Here's an easy Christmas craft that will help count down the days to Christmas. An Advent Calendar.


a long strip of red or green felt, or use a patterned fabric

25 large flat buttons - labeled 1 - 25 with a permanent marker

large needle

red or green yarn

pretty picture of Christmas scene like Nativity


Glue the Christmas scene to the top of the fabric.

Sew in 25 pieces of yarn that you will tie the buttons to. Sew in a Christmas pattern like a star, tree, bell.

Glue a pocket to the back of the fabric to hold the buttons after you untie them.

Each day beginning Dec 1, untie a button and countdown the days to Christmas!

Another easy Christmas craft is an Advent Candle Wreath.

Let's keep it simple, so we start with a store bought wreath.

Set 3 purple and 1 pink candle securely around the wreath. Put them in candle holders to make sure they are stable.

Add a large white pillar candle to the center of the wreath.

The evergreen and the unending circle of the wreath represent everlasting life - that baby Jesus came to give us.

The 4 candles represent the four Sundays before Christmas - the Advent season. The candles symbolize the light of the world - JESUS!

Light one candle before family dinner each Sunday before Christmas.

Then on Christmas day, light the center candle, repesenting the arrival of the Light of the World.

Homemade Christmas gifts Or how about a making homemade Christmas gifts for your family or friends? These gifts can be special and meaningful, but still simple. They are fun to make, inexpensive and show that you took the time and thought to create something special with a particular someone in mind.

Christmas gift basket ideas Click here for some terrific Christmas gift basket ideas

you can put together yourself. They always make such a personal and useful gift when you keep to a theme. They can be for the cook, the coffee or tea lover, the health nut, the movie goer, the sports fanatic... Whatever that special person's interests are.

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