Handmade gifts

by Jennifer

Pixie Boots

Pixie Boots

I love making and giving handmade gifts. I get a real buzz out of making them.

A few Christmas' ago, life was very different for me. We didn't have the monies for the gifts we needed to buy. I turned my hands to the items I had around the house.

I had not long taught myself to knit, and with the aid of some Christmas patterns I made some gifts.

I also like to work with parchment. I found a delightful lantern, and set to making this. For some of the gifts, I didn't have a pattern. This did form a challenge. I continued though, and made a crocheted crocodile, all out of my head!

The gifts I gave that year, I was very proud of. Some were stocking fillers for my own children too.

I did find that fitting in making all these gifts had a downfall. My hands would cramp in pain, and the time to complete these was a challenge.

This year gone, 2013, I made some items. This time though, I've taken my time. They are decorations for Christmas for our house.

These delightful pixie boots were one item.

After many (and I mean many!) a pricked finger (beading needles are very unkind), I was able to complete these. I had actually started them the year before. But I ran out of time; I couldn't complete them.

Having enjoyed making these, yes, despite the pricked fingers, I have bought the materials to make more. I can't wait to get started...

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