Live Christmas Music Guide

In this day and age we can listen to live Christmas music anytime. All you need is a computer with Internet connection or a Smart phone and you can stream live music anytime and anywhere.

There are so many free online radio stations to choose from. Use the guide below and find your favorite Christmas radio station. Then listen and get into that festive holiday spirit!

Live Christmas music

Free Live Christmas Music Guide

Christmas Radio Network
It's a great online radio station that plays Christmas music year round. They have a huge library of songs, traditional and contemporary. Also, they broadcast Christmas stories, trivia, and some history of Christmas carols. It's a family friendly station, with a Christian perspective. They remember the Reason for the Season!

Want some info on popular Christian Christmas songs?

Click here for the lyrics and some history.

Live 365
So many choices to tune into Christmas music here! About 63 Christmas radio stations! Here the stations are rated by the viewers to give you an idea of what's more popular. It streams the music live 24/7. Check it out.

Here's a good one: Christmas Music 24/7: Christmas music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

AOL Radio
This on-line Christmas music station has 14 different genres about Holiday music to choose from. Pick Christian Christmas, Classical Holiday, Country Christmas, Jazz Christmas, Kidz Christmas, Rock Christmas and more!

Pandora allows you to pick the genre,for example - Christmas - then it selects the music for you based on whether you indicate like or dislike on the previous song.

It's constantly customizing the station to meet your specifications. Set up an account and it saves your favorite selections. Pretty ingenious! Try it out.


This website lists a large variety of free radio stations you can connect to listen to Christmas carols and songs. Just find one you like!

Just go to the "Seasonal/Holiday" genre and you will find many Christmas radio stations to choose from. Select one and a player will run it at the bottom of your computer screen.

Looks like there's a lot of live Christmas music on the web - and its FREE! You can even listen in on your computer at work and spread some Holiday cheer! Or turn up the volume at home and sing along!

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