New York City Walking Tours -
See the Magic of the City Up Close

New York City walking tours are a terrific way to see up close and personal, all the magic the City has to offer at Christmastime, and any other time too!

Get a history lesson as you're walking. See the amazing architecture that makes up Manhattan. Explore the various cultures abounding in New York City. Uncover some hidden treasures and gems you wouldn't otherwise see or know about.

That's what you would get on New York City walking tours. The tours cover different areas of New York City.

You can tour the Midtown area, or lower Manhattan, like Chinatown and Little Italy. Or walk on Wall Street, the World's Financial Capital, in the Downtown Financial District.

Tours can be private or in a group and some tours can even be personalized to suit your wants.

New York City Walking Tours

St. Patrick's Cathedral in Midtown, NYC

New York City Walking Tours

Some tour companies offer walking tours specifically for kids, like I Love NY Walking Tours. A costumed tour leader (Bernie the Bear) will take you and your kids to one of New York's finest candy shops, an ice cream parlor and a famous toy store. Kids will love it!

New York City Walking Tours

Dylan's Candy Bar

Or maybe you would like to sample some of New York's amazing cuisine. Take a Food Tasting/Walking Tour. Go where the locals go to eat and sample some delicious foods.

Visit local bakeries, New York delis, and ethnic specialty food spots. These food tours typically are downtown in the Greenwich Village area where there are some very special and unique food eateries.

A great food/walking tour company I recommend is Foods of NY. You will not be disappointed with the food or with the charming neighborhood.

TIP: Wear comfortable walking shoes since the walking tours are usually 3 hours long. Also try to pick a mild, sunny day since you will be outdoors walking around.
New York City Walking Tours Freshly made Cannolli

New York City Walking Tours

Murray's Cheeses in Greenwich Village

Would you rather ride in comfort and see New York City's main attractions? Then check out New York City Bus Tours. Another great way to see the magic of the City!

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