The BEST Recipes for Christmas

I love to entertain at Christmas time! And you will too with these recipes for Christmas that are so simple - yet so delicious. Your guests won't stop complimenting you! How pretty! How festive! How tasty!

Need a little help planning what to serve?

See our Christmas dinner menus for traditional yet always crowd pleaser ideas.

recipes for Christmas

As your guests arrive, welcome them with our festive punches. Try out these tasty Christmas punch recipes that my family and friends have enjoyed!

recipes for Christmas Then have your guests help themselves to these festive and delectable Christmas Appetizers.

recipes for Christmas The all American traditional main course always involves a delicious ham or a juicy turkey.

My family loves these Holiday Turkey Recipes and Holiday Ham Recipes. Your guests will rave about them too! recipes for Christmas

Being Italian has most definitely influenced what baking we do at Christmas.

Each year my kids beg my Mom (Nonna) and me to make these awesome homemade Italian Christmas cookies.

These are tried and true recipes handed down from my mom and my Aunts that are just soooo good! Wait till you try them...

Or would you rather make a delicious, yet simple and easy Christmas dessert? Then click here.

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