Most Romantic Christmas Gifts
For Men

It's not easy finding the most Romantic Christmas gifts for men. Men are just not wired to be as emotional and expressive as women are. So what do we get them that says "I Love You" and enjoy spending time with you that they won't think is corny.

Here are some ideas. My husband Sam had some input but his ideas were limited to electronics or things he can ride on.

One of the BEST romantic Christmas gifts for men would be a weekend away with you - his wife or girlfriend.
And the perfect getaway would be to spend a couple of days during Christmas in New York City!

Explore the spectacular lights and displays Of NYC, the romantic restaurants, the luxurious hotels.

Catch a Broadway show or the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. Take a horse and buggy ride around Central Park. Snack on some roasted chestnuts.

Just you and your man enjoying some quality time in the most spectacular city on earth. Can you get any more romantic Christmas gifts for men than that? I don't think so.
Sam and I go all the time - but Christmas time is extra special!
Romantic Christmas gifts for men

This is me and Sam enjoying time together at Rockefeller Plaza.

Another romantic Christmas gift for men would be giving him the essentials for an intimate, relaxing night together.

Get him a couple bottles of a good red wine and a basket of assorted cheeses, crackers and dried meats from Murray's in NYC.

Throw in a beautiful, personalized, granite and nickel-plated solid brass bottle opener from and he's happy. Romantic Christmas Gifts for men

Or if he prefers to do things electronically - get a rechargeable electric corkscrew. The best one is from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Romantic Christmas Gifts for men

Men love to get massages. So why not get the most relaxing, romantic Christmas gift for men - a professional-quality motorized hand held massager. For you to give him that soothing, private massage.

Romantic Christmas gifts for men
Romantic Christmas gifts for men

And of course a new Sonos S5 wireless music system would be considered a great romantic Christmas gift for men! That's what Sam tells me. It's to play soft music at your many romantic, intimate, wine and cheese and massage nights.

If you want to get a bit creative in choosing a romantic Christmas gift for men - then make him a photo book of special moments you shared together. It's easy and fun to do online - try or

I made a beautiful photo book of Sam and my first year together. He treasures it! I also created a professional quality wedding album of our spring wedding at Was so simple and the result was just gorgeous.

Maybe you want to keep things on the lighter, humorous side in picking a romantic Christmas gift for men. This year I am getting Sam a plaque that tells him how he completes me - in a silly sort of way. The plaque says " You are the cheese to my macaroni, you are the horizon to my sky, you are the bacon to my eggs, you are the laces to my sneakers, you are the jelly to my peanut butter...

Romantic Christmas gifts for men Romantic Christmas gifts for men

Does your husband or boyfriend wear jewelry? How about a simple, understated, cable chain necklace with a ring hanging from it that says "I love you...I love you more..." all the way around it - a never ending circle of love. Very romantic.

You can view these romantic Christmas gifts for men and more at

Another romantic Christmas gift for men is to Name a Star after your husband or boyfriend. Show them you think they are out of this world!

Purchase a Name a Star Kit which includes a guide on how to locate a star, an Astronomy booklet, a wall map and a certificate. You can name the star anything you wish.

Here's another idea: Get your husband or boyfriend a custom gourmet gift basket.

For the sports lover, the Chef, the BBQ expert, the Fix It guy... You can buy one already made or make one yourself. Get more Christmas Gift basket ideas by clicking here.

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