Outdoor Decorating Made Easy with
With Solar Powered Christmas Lights

Solar Powered Christmas lights make decorating the outside of your home so simple!

They are beautiful, easy to install and energy efficient too.

No more dealing with extension cords and finding the nearest electrical outlet. These lights come with a ground stake for the solar panel, or you can even mount it onto a wall or roof for more direct sunlight.

Solar powered Christmas lights These easy to install Christmas lights come in strings of white or multi-colored and also in flexible rope lights of various colors.

They usually have a switch to choose blinking or steady light and have an automatic on/off switch that shuts the lights off in daylight and turns them on at dusk. They will stay on for about 6 - 8 hours.

The lights are LED and powered by the sun - can't get much more efficient than that - and they will last for about 20,000 - 30,000 hours - that's several years! Very cost effective.

Solar powered Christmas lights

The easiest, no stress way to decorate the outside of your home is with a
lighting "Net".

You can quickly decorate your home by just throwing the lighting net over your bushes and shrubs, place the solar panel in the sun and your done!

NOTE: Solar powered lights do need several hours of direct sunlight to power up, so depending on where you live and how much sun you get, would determine if this is the best method of lighting for your decorating needs.

You may find that Battery Operated Lights are a better option for you.

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